Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Features That May Crop Up in the New iPhone

It is not certain what features Apple will implement in its new iPhone till the autumn presentation, however, we can aim to make some forecasts considering the patents that the company obtained in 2013.
Certainly, the fact that Apple registered this or that invention does not routinely mean that it will be employed in the new smartphone. Apple frequently gets obvious “just in case”, to conquer the competitors or to sketch the vector of the technology development. However, we think that some thoughts can get their practical execution in the new iPhone.

“Situational awareness”
“Electronic device with automatic mode switching” is one of the earliest Apple’s patents obtained in 2013. It denotes the iPhone built-in “situational awareness module” that must foresee what action a user is going to take.

Mnemonic passwords
This patent was identified prior to the iPhone 5S release with a fingerprint reader. But it is probable that someday Apple will choose to add another layer to the device security.The sense of the patent is that the system shows a photo or a picture of a renowned person or object and the user should say the name of it.

“Face control”
Apple offers one more way to guard your iPhone from strangers. The built-in camera is for scanning the face of the person holding the smartphone up to the last detail.
For instance, if the device is not hold by its owner, it will not show warnings for incoming emails and SMS, will not let you to view saved pictures, bar access to certain applications and so on.

Safe Drop
This is one of the most gifted inventions of Apple in 2013. It means that the gadget receiving information from the embedded sensors will topple to the center of its mass if it is falling.

Oval Body

The anticipated in autumn 2014 iPhone 6 may surprise users with the completely fresh form factor. In March, it was reported that Johnny I’ve – the leading designer of the company – is seeking a new “body” for a Smartphone, which takes into account the current progresses in technology.

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